Freeq 1.1 is out!

We’re happy to announce that new version of our spectral filtering application – Freeq is out!

Update brings normalization of loaded sounds, noise gate (to denoise your recordings), update notifications, better preset system and lots of engine updates.

Freeq is still a free download!

h.elpers 1.1 released!

New h.elpers are available for free download!
Update includes two new addons:

  • h.sampler~ – stereo sampler
  • h.filtergraph~ – graphical filter designed for use with bpatcher

New software: Freeq!

We are happy to present our new release – standalone spectral filtering application for Mac, endorsed by steinbr├╝chel and Stephan Mathieu called Freeq.

h.elpers – h.midi_Key


Fifth tutorial: change qwerty keyboard in to the midi controller with h.midi_Key